Ein Festival mit besonderem Flair – Internationale Künstler und historische Maschinen in Neumünster

Summer is festival time in Germany. As diverse as the cultural offerings of these series of events – from music to film and dance to art – are also different in their respective places. There is something for visitors to discover.

The Kunstflecken, a festival with a very special flair, attracts cultural enthusiasts to Neumünster in the late summer. The city in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein was once the flourishing center of the textile industry. Today historical industrial buildings, factory villas and the museum Tuch + Technik, which was opened in 2007, testify to this period. Exactly this flair of the past contrast the festival makers with new ideas and international artists. This creates creative excitement – a fascination that many visitors like to succumb to year after year. Between intertwined textile production machines from the past two centuries, the festival stage is located in a listed building – today the depot of the Museum Tuch + Technik. From 2 to 25 September 2016 visitors will experience high-caliber concerts such as Mikhael Paskalev and Jonas Alaska, pioneers of the young, wild Folk scene from Norway, or the new soul icon of Israel, Ester Rada. From Morocco, singer Oum, and from the USA Cyrille Aimée, the „Rising Star“ in international jazz, according to Downbeat Magazine. In addition, the Kunstflecken attracts with numerous exhibitions, an international poetry slam, an evening with the bearer of the German kleinkunst prize, Horst Evers, a short film competition as well as a live radio play written for this occasion. The Museum Tuch + Technik is also a central venue for the festival. The Hamburg artist Wiebke Schwarzhans explores the boundaries between art and fashion with her extraordinary installation „Rapport“ and raises questions about quality and appreciation with a team of dressmakers. Many further information and details about the festival program can be found at www.kunstflecken.de as well as at www.neumuenster-tourismus.de.

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