Höchste Qualität für Radtouristen – Unvergesslicher Radspaß durch die schönsten Täler der Schwäbischen Alb

The sun is laughing, the free time is relaxing and the bike is brought to the front man – the highest time for an extensive cycling trip in the wild! Now it is only necessary to select the right travel region and the appropriate route. A true paradise for cyclists is the Swabian Alb, for example, with its exciting and varied landscapes.

A particularly attractive cycle path on the Swabian Alb is the Albtäler cycle tour, which leads through the three counties Alb-Danube, Heidenheim and Göppingen. This opinion is also the ADFC, which distinguished the quality route with four stars. On a length of 186 kilometers, this circuit runs through the eight most beautiful valleys of the UNESCO GeoPark Swabian Alb – with the Danube, Brenz and Filstal. For a difficulty from simple to medium, three to five stages are recommended depending on your own condition. Especially for e-bike riders the bike path is a real experience. On the way, typical juniper heaths, original villages and charming villages. Bizarre rock landscapes and mysterious caves along the route invite you to take a break: a popular excursion destination is the caves of the Lonet Valley, where the oldest figurative works of art have been discovered. The Eselsburg Valley with its legendary „Stone Age Virgin“ offers a unique landscape. For geology fans, it is also worthwhile taking a detour to the deepest accessible cave in Germany, the Tiefenhöhle Laichingen. One thing is certain: the charm of this four-star quality cycling route is the combination of prehistoric and early history of mankind as well as geological peculiarities and individual cycling pass. Maps and GPS data are available at www.albtaeler-radtour.de. Thanks to good signposting, it is also easy to follow the cycle path. A few quaint inns with friendly hosts offer a special service to cyclists as an ADFC-bed + bike-operations.

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