Rosige Aussichten im Sauerland – Wo sich luftige Höhen und beschauliche Dörfer die Klinke in die Hand geben

There are areas in Germany that are blessed with a particularly wide variety of points of interest. This includes clearly the Brilon Olsberg region in the Sauerland’s Mittelgebirge, which is a concept for every hiker. Like no other place, the area combines the fun and the effort of a hike with fascinating views and an infinite calmness and expanse which emanates from the rugged rocks and high mountains.

On the Istenberg, only a few kilometers from Olsberg, there are four rocks, up to 90 meters high: the Bruchhauser stones. They are a testimony from the Devonian era and owe their existence to the then volcanic activity in the region. Today the four rocks – Bornstein, Feldstein, Ravenstein and Goldstein – can not only be admired but also climbed. Once you reach the highest point, you are at a height of 756 meters above sea level and enjoy the almost breathtaking tranquility above. You must share this retreat at most with some rare birds and arctic-alpine plants. With a little luck one can even see a peregrine falcon, the nature reserve around the Bruchhauser stones as a breeding area has chosen. At the foot of the rocks the rose arch Heidrich in the Gutshof Schloss Bruchhausen awaits to be discovered. Numerous plant species, among them mainly roses, houses the nursery – among other things the „Rothaarsteig Rose“, which is adapted to the local climate and can be bought for sale. The eight-kilometer-long circular route „Rock’n’Rose“, which is always in view – the Bruchhauser Steine – leads to Rosendorf Assinghausen. In the quiet village, beautiful old half-timbered houses welcome the visitors. But the real main role here is the queen of flowers. More than 130 varieties of roses are waiting to be admired in the parks and private gardens, among them copies with sound names such as „Flammentanz“, „Gelber Engel“, „Schwarze Madonna“ or „Heidefeuer“. Directions to the magnificent walking and hiking trails as well as further information can be found at

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