Meine Reisevorbereitungen für die USA-Reise…

My dear readers: soon it will be back to the USA! Finally I want to escape this dreary gray in gray here.

But what preparations are necessary for me? Of course, what is of course indispensable is the entry into the States. Everyone has to take care of them beforehand. Most of us do this with the so-called „Ester“! Without this permission, a flight is senseless.

The fact that you have to take your passport with you is a must! In the aircraft, it is also pointed out what can not be imported into the USA. Please take these notes seriously: a forgotten banana in the hand luggage leads to unnecessary discussions or even to the rejection of the entry.

Every tourist is welcome … but of course only if he adheres to all rules, which the immigration inspector controls. Answer questions sensibly, honestly and be aware of this: Incorrect entries on the entry slip can also easily lead you to just hold on to such a night.

But be aware: all this is for safety in the US as well! For do criminals really have to be everywhere?

But now to a far more pleasant matter: What must I have in the USA necessarily already in the suitcase from Germany with it?

Answer: Nothing! Usually I travel with an almost empty suitcase and with a heavy, full suitcase back. Shopping in the US? That makes sense! From any medicine you can buy in the supermarket, from household goods to shoes and clothes: shopping in the USA is cheap and good.

I like the 99cent store, the Ross Dress For Less, the Burlington or Family Dollar. Sure there are more shops that make the shopping in the USA more than inexpensive and exciting …. It does not always have to be the classic „tourist outlet center“, which is still for local conditions rather upscale price level is settled.

So, my dear ones: to the USA! Be careful when entering and then let it crash! Shopping with sun can be arranged very well.

Many holiday friends wish you:

Regina Gerum

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