Camping-Fans aufgepasst! – Mit dem richtigen Werkzeug ist das mobile Zuhause immer in Schuss

Everything is looking forward to the hot phase of the open-air season – especially the campers. Free, flexible and independent, they enjoy the beautiful sides of life. Fun and relaxation, however, only comes into play when the mobile space miracle, such as the cool campervan or the comfortable camper van, are tipptopp in a shot and necessary repairs go easily from the hand. How annoying, if one the appropriate tool because of the limited space at home left at home or was well or badly only a not optimal functioning emergency equipment stowed.

With the right device the wobbly grill or a crack in the tent are repaired quickly and easily. Four small but fine electric tools from Vorwerk are the absolute must-have for mobile fresh air fans. Under the Twercs brand, the powerful and chic quartet, consisting of a cordless drill, jigsaw, tackifier and a hot glue gun, is on the road. In the handy charging case, all battery tools plus accessories and ideas book with practical tips on home improvement find their place and are always ready for use. Every Twerc utensil scores for itself with high performance properties, which do not have to hide in the basement. Thus the grill with the drill screwdriver can be quickly re-established by the best power transmission at 20 torque levels. With a cleverly integrated LED working light even the working in the dark is no longer a challenge. The ergonomic design and low weight also make the Do-it-Yourselfer heart beat faster and inspire beginners as well as old hares. In addition to the idea book, Kati, Germany’s most popular camping blogger, offers numerous clever ideas in her blog „CruisingCampers“ that make life on the tour easier. For them, twercs and camping are roughly the same as bread and butter. Because a camper always needs in any case is the right tool. So do not take any risk, so the holiday is really a hit. More at

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