Flammende Innovation für den Wohnraum – Edler Kamin sorgt für schöne Stunden zu Hause

They have always been an important part of large blockbusters: fireplaces. Be it in classics like „Citizen Kane“ by and with Orson Welles from the 1940s or also in scenes of younger Kinoklassiker like „love does not need a vacation“, where Cameron Diaz sings and dances slightly in front of the chimney fire. Admittedly, as romantic as these excerpts are, so little is thought about which characteristics a fireplace should really make – namely the combination of unique optics, best function and ecological consumption.

Pioneers in this respect have been the models from Attica for 35 years. Prominently brand-new on the market, with VISIO is a chimney insert of the extra class. Available in three versions – as a front-glazed front unit, as a double-glazed corner unit as well as three-sided glazed – it becomes the new highlight of the living area. For example, VISIO’s high-quality Vermeculite panels in decent anthracite ensure high combustion chamber temperatures, which ensures an environmentally friendly combustion. At all, the novelty fires cleanly and CO2-neutrally at every firing, so that even the strictest legal requirements are clearly undercut. Noble and comfortable at the same time comes the oak-wood door handle. Unlike most comparable chimneys, this can be easily operated without gloves – thanks to the light-weight lifting door, the fireplace can be opened easily with bare hands. The fact that you always have a clear view of the crackling flame play not only ensures the high firing temperature, but also an efficient disc wash: Here, a constant air stream prevents soot particles from settling on the ceramic glass. The VISIO of Attica convinces with its special design. For example, the window frame is available in steel black or stainless steel. As an option, the steel frame is available in six millimeters of steel, which is particularly valuable as well as a storage module that absorbs heat and delivers it to the room for hours. More information can be found at www.attika.ch.

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