Leistungsstarke Küchengeräte, die mitdenken – Effektives Kocherlebnis mit neuen Gaskochfeldern und Dunstabzügen

For passionate hobby chefs, the kitchen is increasingly becoming a place of self-realization. This trend is confirmed by increased investment in a corresponding equipment. If you like to prepare your own homemade food for yourself and your loved ones, it is important to have a good cooker or a well-ventilated hood. Because if we already find the time to cook, then at least right!

As before, a court is only as good as the equipment with which it was manufactured. This is also the opinion of the premium appliance manufacturer NEFF, the chef enthusiast with his clever gas cooking fields as well as his innovative vapor extraction technology. The precise control of the gas flame is a new feature of the smart cookers: thanks to the 9-stage FlameSelect® technology, the heat is adapted to the particular dish and not otherwise. In addition, the highly efficient burner also consumes less gas than conventional cooking plates. In order to prevent dangerous burns, the practical 7-part display always shows the current warming stage and the residual heat after switching off the cooking plate. If the cooking zone is still hot, a large „H“ appears; A small „h“ again informs that the surface is almost completely cooled down. This is security you can rely on! If NEFF’s latest extraction hood is also used, the annoying „head-bumping“ on an overhead cooker or hot steam on the face is effectively prevented. This unconventional product is particularly good on cooking islands, in small and open kitchens. Available as a recirculating air or exhaust air variant, the right model can be found for every kitchen. The practical helpers are also integrated into the existing work surface and are therefore almost invisible. A subtle but very effective technique: just next to the cooking field, the trigger is exactly in the right place to absorb steam and fat immediately. It is also an advantage that the exhaust hood is very powerful, yet extremely quiet – so no loud fan can disturb the harmonica. For more information on NEFF’s original kitchen appliances, visit www.neff.de.

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