Und immer wieder das gute Wetter…

Today it’s cold. I do not like it when I walk around in the wet cold in my classy boots. I hate this wet, gray, grubby weather. It’s not fish, it’s not flesh. If snow, why not now? That would at least be a little fun to handle the „Lebkuchen-Weihnachtszirkus“ better … Lach!

I am clear when I live in Bavaria: I will never get a weather guarantee. And to complain about the weather, finally brings nothing, right?

But the dream of the wonderful Schneetreiben in the Advent is quickly exhausted when I look at this unsympathetic weather! Similar to the summer: the expectation to experience a hot bathing july is quickly extinguished when I notice: „Crap, the heating is turned off!“ If I wear socks instead of sandals in the summer … then it’s all too late, right?

Nothing affects us as much as the weather. About nothing can we scold as much as about the weather. Sometimes it is too hot, sometimes too cold, often fly too many pollen and then again it is the storm that does not let me sleep at night. But why do we always complain about the weather, although we can not change it? This is wasted energy, right?

So if I were weather: I would do what I want …. because after all, I can not make it right for people anyway! The weather could say: „Take care, dear children, then there is no wrong weather …. and fresh wind around the ears … this is all good for you!“

So: get out with you, out into the weather! After all, it is the weather that provides you with daily conversation and can bring you new ideas!
The weather will do you good if you want! There is no wrong weather but only wrong clothes.

And what is more glorious than having to sit at home with a cup of tea in the winter storm, and no longer have to go to the street? Believe me: this evening you would not enjoy half as much in „uninhibited weather“.

Weather: ultimately I have to thank you for doing what you want … So most of us humans are also!

Regina Gerum

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